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There are basic maintenance steps that companies must take in order to protect their investment in their computer systems. Unfortunately, most companies aren't taking the right steps, or aren't conducting them routinely enough.

TechSupport Mobile Services can help with routine maintenance and take away your burden. We can set up a customized maintenance plan that meets the needs of your business.

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TechSupport Mobile Services saves you time and money.
"When we first called Tech Support Computer Repair we were in a disaster situation. On Tuesday morning when we came into the office we could not get our server to go through the boot sequence. We immediately called the company we outsourced our IT services to, after they checked the server they said it was a hardware failure and we were referred to Dell because the server was under warranty and felt we should contact them first so as not to void our warranty. On Wednesday Dell sent a hardware technician out to verify if it was a hardware or software issue. The Dell technician verified that it was not a hardware failure, but rather a software issue. Our regular IT Company was ready to reformat the hard drives, but the backup they were running had failed. We told them to stop because we could not risk losing all the data without a backup. I immediately started searching for a data recovery specialist and found Tech Support Computer Repair. When I called their number I got Techsupport Computer Repair on the phone. I explain the situation and they said they would be here within the hour and they were. That was about 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Within an hour of their arrival they told us it was a virus and we started working on a plan to get us back up to a point where we could service our clients. After working until about 3:00 AM they had us up to a point where we could at least start working we had recovered the data from server and setup a temporary server to get us going. After working all night they were back in our office Friday morning and they started working on rebuilding our server. Since we were rebuilding the server they met with me to ensure they understood what we wanted done and how the server needed to be setup. We didnt want to make the same mistakes twice. Needless to say we terminated the contract we had with the company we used prior to using Tech Support Computer Repair and now we have them doing our IT support. They are always just a phone call away and ensures they understands our needs."
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Jeremiah Garza
Vice President