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Our Clients Say

As a small business without an IT staff, TechSupport is a valuable asset. In addition to solving our network needs, they have offered money saving suggestions to improve our workflow. Our industry has become so computer-dependent -- it would be difficult to operate without TechSupports expertise.
Rhea-Engert Photography
Fort Worth, TX

Client Example: A customer called us for a Vista Laptop connection problem in a Windows Server 2003 and TerraStation environment -- they had a windows Server domain and wanted to share a connection to the TerraStation with the Vista Laptop. The TerraStation is Linux and has permission problems with Vista. We were able to permission the Laptop so the connection could be made. We fixed it in 2 hours. They were so pleased with our service, they asked us to survey their network for other problems.

We needed to connect our new Vista laptop to our company Domain and the TerraStation on our network. TechSupport Mobile Services quickly came out and connected the Laptop to the Domain, mapped drives and patched the TerraStation so the Vista Laptop could connect.
Chiro-Plus Chiropractor
HaltonCity, TX

Client Example: A business customer called us because his business server went down, and he was concerned he would lose all his data because his backup was corrupted with viruses. Dell came out and replaced all of his server hardware, but that didn't fix the problem. He called us on a Friday and, on the same day, we arrived and recovered all of his data, identified his viruses, started scanning his existing network and began rebuilding his server.

"When we first called Tech Support we were in a disaster situation. On Tuesday morning when we came into the office we could not get our server to go through the boot sequence. We immediately called the company we outsourced our IT services to, after they checked the server they said it was a hardware failure and we were referred to Dell because the server was under warranty and felt we should contact them first so as not to void our warranty. On Wednesday Dell sent a hardware technician out to verify if it was a hardware or software issue. The Dell technician verified that it was not a hardware failure, but rather a software issue. Our regular IT Company was ready to reformat the hard drives, but the backup they were running had failed. We told them to stop because we could not risk losing all the data without a backup. I immediately started searching for a data recovery specialist and found Tech Support. When I called their number I explain the situation and they said they would be here within the hour and they were. That was about 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Within an hour of they arrival they told us it was a virus and we started working on a plan to get us back up to a point where we could service our clients. After working until about 3:00 AM they had us up to a point where we could at least start working we had recovered the data from server and setup a temporary server to get us going. Yeah!!! After working all night they were back in our office Friday morning and they started working on rebuilding our server. Since we were rebuilding the server they met with me to ensure they understood what we wanted done and how the server needed to be setup. We didnt want to make the same mistakes twice. Needless to say we terminated the contract we had with the company we used prior to using Tech Support and now we have them doing our IT support."
TriCentury Title Jeremiah Garza
Fort Worth, Texas

After trying to remove a virus myself and re-installing windows, the virus just laughed at me, taking more and more control over my computer. Finally, I had no choice but to call for HELP! TechSupport Mobile Services came the same day and solved my problem. No more viruses!
New Loyal Customer Tammy Fourdes
Fort Worth, TX

Client Example: A business customer was having trouble with slow performance and pop up spyware messages. Earlier in the year, another computer repair company had removed a virus infection, but the problem soon re-occurred. After our security audit, we found two viruses and four trojans on his computer. We believe that the viruses and trojans were in the data that our competitor recovered and uploaded to the customers newly reformatted hard drive. We completely removed the viruses and trojans, without having to reformat his computer.

I wanted to purchase an All-In-One (copier, printer, fax) machine for my home network. Having limited knowledge myself, a family member recommended Tech Support Mobile Services. They quickly came to my house, assessed my needs, and helped me with my purchase. After programming it for me, they educated me on how it works and how to use it. A few days later, I called them on the phone to ask another question. They graciously answered my question and assured me of their continued availability. I am both impressed and satisfied. I recommend them!
Rick Smelley
Fort Worth, Texas

Client Example: A customer called us for a performance cleanup of his home computer. We performed the cleanup on his desktop and then took his laptop back to our office for cleanup. He had 4 viruses. We successfully removed all viruses without having to reformat his computer.

Thank you TechSupport Mobile Services for responding so quickly and taking care of all my computer issues.
JoAnne Rolles

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